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September Zone Rep Notes:


I have been to a couple of driving events lately that make me proud to be a member of PCA because I feel really good about the great opportunities we provide our members.  The first was a DE Event at Circuit of the Americas put on by Maverick, Hill Country and Lone Star regions.  It was just such a well run DE, folks were having a great time, and the instruction between the runs was truly world class. I know that people leaving that event are better and safer drivers on the road, while also having a greater appreciation for their cars. 

The second event was an autocross put on by my local region, but I know that all our region autocrosses are similar in that they provide an outstanding venue to improve the driving capabilities of our members. I know from personal experience that autocrossing improved my situational awareness, visibility down the road, reaction times, and ability to respond to unexpected dangers. There have been at least three times that my experience autocrossing helped me avoid an accident in my car.

I am not trying to imply that you need to take up racing to improve your driving skills. I am the kind of guy that would prefer to be under an old car turning a wrench. But I highly recommend you take some time out of your busy schedule to get out on a track or parking lot, and practice driving. It is a win-win; fun and good for you!